Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Bolivia - Journey to Uyuni

Buses in Bolivia have no toilets and when the bus stops on long journeys it often just stops at a shop or in the middle of nowhere that also has no toilets either so you just see people running off and going anywhere. Actually that's a big thing in Bolivia, not a problem to just go in the street at any time, the smell will always remind us of our travels here (also due to the fact that you can't flush toilet paper down any of the toilets and bins aren't always changed frequently).
Uyuni was a dusty little town with tour companies everywhere, all offering pretty much the same thing; tours of the salt planes. We booked a 3 day tour, which was the recommended and standard thing to do, but we didn't realise that the salt plane was only a tiny bit of the trip, which turned out to be absolutely amazing, the landscapes were like something from another planet. 

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