Sunday, 24 October 2010

Peru - Pimentel and Chiclayo

After Mancora we decided to go somewhere a bit less touristy and so went further south to a little fishing town called Pimentel.  There was nothing much going on there as it was off season.  So we just walked around a bit and then found a great little restaurant where we ended up having a great night chatting to the owner, a couple of locals, and a South African man, who's a bomb disposal expert who was over for a few weeks training Peruvians to de-mine the area along the Peru- Ecuador border which is still full of landmines after the 'Cenepa' war in 1995.  We had delicious seafood in the restaurant, and went back for breakfast the next morning.
They had these little woven boats called 'caballitos' - little horses.
Brian and Luis, the owner of the 'Aqua Marine' restaurant.
We had to wait for our bus to Lima in a nearby town called Chiclayo for a few hours so we walked around and had a look in the central market.
Then we went into the 'witches' market which had all kinds of things for various potions, like dried monkeys, claws and feet from a few different creatures, lots of herbs and powders and more...
Brian being shown the San Pedro cactus...

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