Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Peru - Tumbes and Mancora

After passing through a very strange and notoriously dodgy border crossing, we had to stay the night in Tumbes a little border town in northern Peru.  The border posts were miles apart which meant it was really awkward as we had to get on and off buses a few times to get our passports stamped, luckily we didn't encounter any of the bribery that we'd been warned about.  The first thing we noticed that was different about Peru was all the little tuc tuc moto taxis around.  When we arrived in Tumbes there was a religious procession going on outside our hotel with a neon lit Jesus and Mary and lots of incense.
The next morning we got a minibus down along the coast to the surfer village of Mancora.  The landscape was completely arid.

Making ceviche con conche negra.
Our hostel was a little bit out of town further down the beach, it had these amazing little beach huts which we regret not taking but they were a bit expensive so we just stayed in the dorm and turned out to be sharing we the group we'd met in Cuenca - an Irish guy, an English guy and a Swedish girl.

 The beach was pretty windy and full of kite surfers, the waves were incredibly strong.  We'd arrived at the weekend so there were lots of Peruvian holidaymakers around too.
 The little town was full of bars and restaurants and hippies selling bracelets and things. Perfect for a couple of days in the sun, but not a whole lot else to do, it was completely surrounded by desert..
 Inca Kola - The Peruvian drink of choice, tastes really sweet like American cream soda.
 Yellow fin tuna fish being delivered to a restaurant in the back of a tuc tuc.
 They sold dried sea horses everywhere!
 There were loads of pelicans flying around and cormorants diving into the sea to catch fish.
Saw an unbelievable sight of a big red sun going down while a school of about five dolphins swimming around right up at the waves.  Amazing.
Bus station seating...

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